On transitioning to the real world: 11 things to keep in mind

Remember how I said I was starting over from an older blog?  I found this gem while going through the posts there and have found it to be frighteningly accurate in the 6 months since I’ve graduated from University of Maryland.  Also…it’s been 6 months.  What the hell.

College is a fantastic time in life-that fuzzy grey area between childhood and reality.  Because even though college comes with its own set of responsibilities, for 99% of us it isn’t anything like the rest of our lives will be.  Sure we have to be responsible for getting to classes and internships on time, finishing our work without parents or teachers breathing down our necks, and balance academics with a social life, but there is still time to act like a teenager.  By no means am I saying when we graduate we have to be mature for the rest of our lives-anyone who knows me knows I love building blanket forts and jumping in rain puddles as much as the next kid-but there are a few things we should have down by the time we earn that coveted diploma.  Here are the eleven responsibilities (and total opposites) I’ve found most true so far:

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All aboard the Wanderlust Express

Starting a blog’s first ever post is always a bit nerve-wracking, but I have heard time and time again that the best way to write is just to begin. If you’ve stumbled upon this blog from my old domain or just by happy coincidence, welcome! You may be wondering why I’m starting a new site. My old blog site was a great platform at the time, but as I grew I realized it wasn’t representative of who I am now and who I’m becoming. The past 18 months have been challenging as I am in such a transitional moment of my life: recently graduated from university, trying to make my way in the world—yet still discovering who I really am. To be fair I’m not sure if we ever stop growing and changing; there is so much to discover and learn from an infinite amount of sources that it’s almost laughable to think we could fully experience everything before our time is over. That’s not to say we can’t try though, right?

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