Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is another city I wish we’d had more time to explore.  It’s a beautiful medieval city and, if you get the chance to climb the 258 steps of St. Olav’s Church, you can see the stark divide between old and new Tallinn-definitely a sight worth seeing.  As we made our way from harbor to town we passed a rather creepy local carnival; Nick and I joked it was probably a set for a horror film, only to notice the lights and music kick on as we returned to the ship hours later.  However, chill-inducing fairground aside, Tallinn Old Town was great fun to visit.

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The cold never bothered me anyway

I promise my post on Tallinn will be up in the next few hours, but wanted to give you all a sneak peek at where I’ll be traveling next!  If the title of this post isn’t enough, check out my future destinations board on Pinterest.  I promise it’s one of the more recent photos, and it’s somewhere I’ve never been before!

Warnemünde, Germany

The first stop on our cruise was Warnemünde, a seaside resort town in Germany. A sleepy fishing village for 600 years (until it became a resort destination in the 1800s) this stop gave us a great taste of the quaint picturesque fishing towns from centuries past. Nick and I chose to explore on our own, though we definitely weren’t the only tourists around. Warnemünde is an incredibly popular stop for cruise ships—I think ours was the third to dock that morning—and it seemed that we outnumbered the locals easily. Luckily we were able to escape the tourist traps and head into Rostock for a bit more of an authentic look at coastal Germany.

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