Akershus, Oslofjord & Russefeiring

The next few days were decidedly tame, especially considering Sara and I were still making up for the 6 months we’d spent apart.  But, we decided if we were really going to make it to Copenhagen and back we should have at least a few nights where we didn’t make it back to the hostel at 4 am.  We strolled around Karl Johans gate once more, marveling again at the way Norwegians live, even in the center of town.  Children ran through the central green, their parents trailing meters behind.  In the States (even the small town I’m from) nobody would dare be more than 10 feet behind their child, lest something unimaginable happen.  Yet all across the United Kingdom and Europe—even, it became clear, in Norway—letting your kids play unrestricted is completely normal.  And I love it.  But more on why raising my as-of-yet non-existent children in Europe is a dream of mine later.  We eventually made our way to the water, and decided there was no better time to explore the fortress.

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Jet lag & Kulturhuset

The second day of our Norwegian adventure saw me and Sara sleep in until 11 and, upon realizing the time, dash around the hostel room in a panic, trying to get ready as quickly as possible so we didn’t waste any more of our time in Oslo.  After making ourselves as presentable as possible we wandered down to Karl Johans gate, the main street in central Oslo, in search of hot tea and a bite to eat. The beautiful thing about traveling with your best friend is how much you learn about each other, when you thought you knew everything already.  For instance, I thought I learned how much caffeine Sara could consume within an hour when we spent countless days holed up in our apartment senior year, prepping for finals and practically setting up coffee IVs.  Turns out she can drink even more than I suspected.

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Oslo, day 1: Happy birthday Sara!

Where do I begin describing the two glorious weeks spent terrorizing gallivanting around Oslo with my best friend? I suppose from the very beginning—I’ve heard it’s a very good place to start. Okay, I’m done with cheesy movie references. For now.

This is Sara (the blonde, not me). She and I planned our trip to Norway when we decided we absolutely had to reunite or we would both keel over dead, and upon researching plane tickets, realized a flight to Norway on a budget airline was the same price as one to LA or DC. Maybe $100 more but WORTH IT. So we booked our tickets a few months ahead of time, talked and talked about planning our hostel stays but didn’t actually book them until three weeks before we departed, and awaited that moment we would finally be together again to take over the world. Or drink. We ultimately went with the second option.

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