Frognerparken and a Danish tradition

As stunning as Oslo is, Sara and I knew from the beginning that we also wanted to take a few days and explore Copenhagen.  We were unsure if we would run out of things to do in Norway’s capital (spoiler alert: we didn’t and I’m already itching to go back) and, seeing as we both wanted to explore the happiest city in the world, decided to go ahead and book it. Continue reading “Frognerparken and a Danish tradition”


Har du Russekort?

Remember that mysterious event I keep referring to from Norway? Russefeiring, or Russ for short?  Here’s your chance to learn all about it from an outsider’s perspective.  Most of what I learned about Russ came from Norwegians Sara and I befriended on our trip (shoutout to my favorite Norwegian, Eivind, for answering countless questions with the utmost patience), but I am not claiming to know much info about the tradition.  As with all my posts, this is merely a stream of consciousness regarding my observations.

Russefeiring is, essentially, Continue reading “Har du Russekort?”