Part of your world

Last time I recounted my Norwegian trip, Sara and I were drinking tequila & Red Bull with a lovely Dane who looked about 6 years older than he actually was—don’t worry, he was 19…and guessed that I was his age.  So there’s that.  When we made it to port the next morning we were greeted with sunny & rather breezy Danish weather.  All in all, it was gorgeous.  We squeezed our way onto the buses provided by DFDS and caught the metro to København H, or Copenhagen Central Station.  As we rolled our suitcases past Tivoli Gardens the ever-illusive sun disappeared behind dusky grey rain clouds, and our stroll down H.C. Andersens Boulevard became a mad dash to reach our hostel.

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A curious thing

Before continuing with my Norwegian series, there is a bit of stream of consciousness I need to get out of my system.  This won’t be like my other posts (which are mostly structured); rather, I am writing & publishing this in the hopes that it can rid me of the writers’ block I’ve been plagued with the last few hours.  Of course, if it helps anybody in a similar situation that’s a bonus I will gladly take.

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