Where in the world?

My account of the second day (and endless night) we spent Copenhagen will be posted shortly, but I must digress for a hot second because it’s entirely possible that I will simply burst if I don’t share the exciting news.  In just over 3 weeks my next adventure begins…

credit: dailymail.co.uk
credit: dailymail.co.uk

…in Aberdeen!  From Labor Day weekend I begin my studies at the University of Aberdeen.  For 12 months I will pursue my Master’s in Marketing Management in a country that I adore & a city I’ve not once been to, even in passing.

I committed to University of Aberdeen a few months back but decided to hold off on the announcement until I received confirmation of my visa.  Since the email came in this morning my entire body has been buzzing.  We’ll put it this way: the four miles I had to run today went by unusually quickly.  Now let’s just hope my passport returns safely in the next few days, as I’ll be in Florida for a quick visit with my mother (hi mom).

Keep your fingers crossed and, if you know any great hideaways, cozy cafes, or fun nightlife venues in the city please let me know!  And American friends, or those scattered across Europe, you’ve got an open invite to crash at my flat.  Once I secure one.


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