A Brit, two Americans, and fifteen Russ kids walk into an ice bar…

When we finally got back onto dry, unmoving land, Sara and I got re-situated at Anker and met up with one of our friends who booked a flight from the UK on a whim. Continue reading “A Brit, two Americans, and fifteen Russ kids walk into an ice bar…”


I like champagne, do you like champagne?

Back to our regularly scheduled posts, the second day (and night) of Copenhagen was just as great as the first.  In many different ways, of course.  We took ourselves on a pseudo-guide of the city our first day, but noticed an advertisement for free guided tours every morning.  Since we were doing this trip on a budget and still wanted to learn all about the city’s history (many significant buildings aren’t clearly marked, or have plaques that blend into the wall, so it’s easy to miss many historical sites) we decided to take the city of Copenhagen up on its offer.  At 9 or 10 we geared up and made our way to the City Hall.  Our tour guide was a brilliant young woman whose name I cannot remember (Rachel?  Rebecca? Something with an R).  She’s from the UK but fell in love with Copenhagen while studying here, so she elected to make the move and share her love and knowledge of the city with tourists every day.

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