Did the Vikings play football?

So I guess you could say I’ve been absolutely loving my time in Aberdeen because oh my goodness it’s been two months since I’ve written anything…BUT I’m here now! I’ll be updating you all on my life in Scotland soon enough but want to wrap my up Norwegian series in these next few posts.  Just a quick recap since it’s been ages…after meeting our friend Scott and showing him around Oslo, Sara and I gave him a taste of the city’s nightlife-complete with Russ kids at an ice bar and our favourite bar, Kulturhuset.  The day after saw Scott feeling a bit peaky, thanks to his one-hour jet lag (nothing if you ask me) and bonding with Eivind over drinks while Sara and I watched on.  However, in true Brit form he pulled through and we met up with him to head to the Viking Ship Museum.

If you’re visiting Oslo and have a car you can easily drive to the Viking Ship Museum.  If, however, you’re like us and are unable or unwilling to rent a car the museum is a short ferry ride away.  From the City Hall pier you can buy a ticket for the boat and board; after disembarking the museum is a 10-minute walk up the hill and along the main road.  Chances are everybody else on the ferry is heading that way too, so no worries on getting lost.  I should note that the ferry only runs during the summer months, so if you go between mid-October and late March you’ll have to take the bus instead.  I’m not sure about that information but the museum’s website should give directions–the Norwegians are great when it comes to that.

The museum was 80 NOK for us, though students and under 18s get discounted or free tickets.  I highly recommend it regardless; roughly $10 to see Viking artefacts and an intact ship? Yes please!



The Viking Ship Museum could take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on who you’re with (Scott…) and how in-depth you want to go with the readings and whatnot.  Our visit was fairly short, about 2 hours, since we had a footie game that afternoon.  I never imagined my first professional game would be in Norway but stranger things have happened!  Side note, when trying to buy tickets for the train make sure you’ve either got exact change or a card with a chip and pin…my debit card at the time was swipe only which doesn’t work in Oslo’s automated ticket machines.

After taking the metro past Holmenkollen and the ski jump we arrived in Bærum, home of Stabæk F.C.  I think I made Sara proud with my limited knowledge of the players, actual knowledge of the game, and recognition of Bob Bradley (who waved at us.  Hi Bob!)  Of course no football game is complete without waving of the team scarves and learning the songs, so we suited up and chanted along with the best of them.  Stabæk pulled out a W for the day and their fans went wild…and still managed to act civilised and dignified.  ‘Twas a great first pro experience, and I’ve got my team lined up for next time I’m in Oslo (hopefully sooner rather than later).




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