Flour free brownies

Look at that, two recipes in a row…if you want something sweet to follow your dinner but are looking to reduce your refined carb intake (or just want to experiment as I’m prone to do) these flourless brownies are for you! I found them while browsing Skinny Taste; Gina first got me with her roasted chickpeas, which I absolutely adore. Again, I’ve made a few adjustments and noted the changes so you can adjust to your own tastes.

The ingredient that sets these brownies apart from the rest is a can of black beans. Seriously, that poor can collecting dust in the back of your cupboard, broken out only by soup or Mexican food nights (or is that just me?) can make some of the tastiest, moistest brownies you’ll ever taste.  Just ask Fraser, my resident chocoholic.  He was dubious, but one bite in and he tried running off with the entire pan!

Original recipe from Skinny Taste

Flour free brownies

*Note: if you decide to play around with the ratios like I did, good on you! Just be sure to balance any extra dry ingredients with added wet, and vice versa, or you may end up with excessively dry brownies—or ones that just won’t cook the whole way through.

The only image I managed to capture, which doesn't do these beauties any justice
The only image I managed to capture, which doesn’t do these beauties any justice

Let me know what you think, and be sure to give Skinny Taste a look—but set aside a good 30 minutes or hour to do so, because I promise you’ll want to keep reading recipe after recipe!


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