Try, try again

Since I try not to post more than once in the same day (photosets aside) I’ll keep this post brief.  I’ll also send whoever can guess where I found my motivation today £10 (or maybe a gift card?) because it’s probably the strangest source in a while.  So I don’t actually have a way of sending that but STILL try and guess, I guarantee you can’t.  Are you ready?

You sure?

Alright, here goes.  My motivational spiel today is brought to you courtesy of… Continue reading “Try, try again”


Blender friendly hummus

Ahh, chickpeas.  I never used to like them unless they were mixed in with other veggies in a salad, and I eventually came around to enjoying pre-made hummus with pita chips or fresh veg.  Now I love the little beans, on their own or mixed with a variety of other foods, but hummus holds a special place in my foodie heart.  Be it a simple chickpea-tahini blend or infused with red pepper, garlic, or other flavours, this spread is amazing versatile (and delicious to boot!)  I had wanted to make hummus from scratch for a long while.  Although the store-bought stuff is great-especially when you’re in a hurry-I firmly believe almost everything just tastes better when you put time and effort into it. Continue reading “Blender friendly hummus”

“Athens of the North”

Sadly, I’ve never been to Greece. It’s been on my travel bucket list since I first learned about the ancient Greeks, but as of now their cerulean waters and classical architecture have evaded me. I have, however, been to the “Athens of the North”—any guesses where that might be? Continue reading ““Athens of the North””