Photoset: Ireland

I hope you’re all wearing green, because St. Patrick’s Day has finally arrived!  Although the life of Saint Patrick is partially shrouded in uncertainty, he undoubtedly became one of the most prolific figures of medieval Ireland.  He lived sometime in the fifth century, usually estimated at AD 385-460 or 461, and today is widely recognised as the day he died.  St. Patrick’s Day, in honour of Ireland’s patron saint, was made an official Christian feast day in the 17th century and remains a religious and cultural event worldwide.

There will be plenty more posts on Ireland as I reflect on my two trips to the country thus far, but in the meantime I wanted to share a few photos that drive home why this little nation bears the proud title of the emerald isle.  This first photoset depicts Blarney Castle, home to the infamous Blarney stone which is said to bless anyone who kisses it with the “gift of gab,” or a silver tongue.  A word to the wise: I would pass on kissing the stone itself, as according to a few locals it’s considered a rite of passage to sneak into the grounds and pee on the stone…still, Blarney and the surrounding village (town? city? I’m not sure) are beautiful and well worth a visit!

Ireland scenery

Blarney castle.jpg

Blarney castle tower 2.jpg

Blarney castle interior 1

Blarney stone

Blarney fairy pools.jpg

fairy caves.JPG


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