Easy-peasy baked balsamic chicken

Alright friends, I’m back in the saddle kitchen with an amazing and easy recipe that takes less than 45 minutes from prep to finish and uses one pan (no you aren’t hallucinating, I said one pan.  Dishwashing haters rejoice!).  This recipe serves 2 but can easily be increased if you’ve got more mouths to feed, or just want some for leftovers.

Depending on how long you want the chicken to marinate for, prep will take anywhere from 5 to 50 minutes.  After experimenting with the recipe a bit I’ve realised there are no major differences to marinating versus baking the chicken right away.  The only significant thing I’ve noticed is that, after marinating, the mozzarella soaks up some of the vinegar.  Long story short, if you have the time to let the chicken sit it’s worth waiting, but if you need to cook and eat in less than an hour you’ll still end up with a great meal.

balsamic chicken

The only ingredients you'll need
The only ingredients you’ll need.







The cheesier the better, if I do say so myself!
The cheesier the better, if I do say so myself







balsamic cooked
The final result. Top with more vinegar & oil or enjoy as is!






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