Failure to fulfilment

Good afternoon my dear readers (or morning, or evening, wherever you are in this beautiful world)! Today marks the first installation of what I hope will be a weekly event on my site: Motivation Monday. We’ve all seen the hashtag, maybe even used it ourselves, but I want to delve a bit deeper into this idea and really bring it to fruition. After all, it can be easy to post an inspiring quote or image and mark it with #motivationMonday (don’t believe me? Check out today’s Instagram) but it’s another to find and live what this means throughout the day.

I’ve really come to enjoy perusing the #motivationMonday posts across social media, seeing what encourages others to begin their week with the energy normally only seen once you’ve had three too many Red Bulls and a double-shot of espresso. For me, Motivation Monday helps me get into a positive mind-set and kick start my day after the—usually too short—weekend. Let’s be honest, we all know how much of a drag Mondays can be! But finding inspiration to push through my pre-class workout, or leave the comfort of my bed to enjoy those uniquely peaceful sunrise moments, makes all the difference in my day. One of my resolutions this year was to find something I’m thankful for every day…and that includes the 52 Mondays! So today I’d like to challenge you to find something that motivates you, today and every Monday from now on.

Today I’ve found motivation through my writings (surprise, surprise). It’s been a tough few weeks with internship and grad position applications coming back unsuccessful, but I keep reminding myself that each application I send out, no matter the outcome, graces me with professional practice and a better sense of who I am. Nobody likes writing cover letters—if you do, message me because I NEED TO KNOW YOUR SECRET—but they do, surprisingly, help! After sending my most recent cover letter for a digital marketing internship a few weeks back, something struck me: I’m much more confident in what I have to offer employers than I was before. By writing why I’m interested in an organisation and being rather selective with the personal qualities I choose to highlight in these letters I’ve continued to learn how I want to present myself to the world. Of course I’ll highlight more technical skills if that’s what the hiring managers consider important…but I had this epiphany that the driving force behind my love for the arts and writing, storytelling and connecting with others to bridge gaps in humanity, is also incredibly relevant to my professional future.

I always knew that communication between companies and consumers was integral to marketing management—the most visual aspect of marketing is advertising, after all—but to realise this, especially in the midst of what I saw as failure, was so fulfilling. Am I still disappointed that I haven’t found a position? Yes, absolutely. But when I do find an organisation that believes in me, and vice versa, I know that I’ll be a great fit there because of my passions. Having the confidence to express this essential piece of me—in a professional manner, of course—is a truly liberating and motivating experience.  Sure, I’ll probably have to put a metaphorical lid on my personality at times if I’m supposed to be in a professional environment (though I refuse to give up my mismatching socks) but imagining working in a place that embraces my adoration for connections and storytelling?  That’s the motivation I needed today, and that I’ll continue to draw from, as I move forward in my journey from postgraduate student to professional.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 19.46.23

What’s your motivation?



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