Blender friendly hummus

Ahh, chickpeas.  I never used to like them unless they were mixed in with other veggies in a salad, and I eventually came around to enjoying pre-made hummus with pita chips or fresh veg.  Now I love the little beans, on their own or mixed with a variety of other foods, but hummus holds a special place in my foodie heart.  Be it a simple chickpea-tahini blend or infused with red pepper, garlic, or other flavours, this spread is amazing versatile (and delicious to boot!)  I had wanted to make hummus from scratch for a long while.  Although the store-bought stuff is great-especially when you’re in a hurry-I firmly believe almost everything just tastes better when you put time and effort into it.

Enter this fun little recipe.  My main struggle when searching for hummus recipes was that they all require a food processor, something I don’t have (and doubt I would have the room for in my galley kitchen).  I do, however, have a blender and decided that with a little improvisation, a healthy amount of stubbornness, and some time, I could make hummus just as good as that which would come out of a food processor!  The recipe below is a vastly successful result.  I made a batch and brought it to my “family day” with friends this Easter Sunday and it was gone by the end of the day!  Set aside 20 minutes and some fresh veggies for dipping and prepare to enjoy this wonderfully simple, satisfying snack.  All you need is pictured below!

hummus ingredients

*side note: if you are on a gluten-free diet and use a store-bought tahini, make sure the jar says “gluten-free”…some companies roast the sesame seeds in flour, so better safe than sorry!

hummus recipe

The end result, before we (literally) dug in with a medley of carrots, celery, and red bell peppers!

Give this recipe a try and let me know how your hummus turns out! Any other flavour combo suggestions are always welcome!



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