Try, try again

Since I try not to post more than once in the same day (photosets aside) I’ll keep this post brief.  I’ll also send whoever can guess where I found my motivation today £10 (or maybe a gift card?) because it’s probably the strangest source in a while.  So I don’t actually have a way of sending that but STILL try and guess, I guarantee you can’t.  Are you ready?

You sure?

Alright, here goes.  My motivational spiel today is brought to you courtesy of…

Brussels sprouts.

Oh yeah, those finicky green balls that kind of taste like something and are just a little too weird for anybody to like naturally (bonus points if you do).  My dinnertime veg were legitimately a source of motivation this Monday.  Before you worry that I’m going to go on an “eat your vegetables” rant, hear me out.  You should actually try and eat some veggies each day (I’m guilty of trying to skip this as much as possible) BUT that’s not why they inspired me.

As I prepared dinner, tired yet rejuvenated from my sunset run-a beautiful experience I’ll share later-I found myself chopping up those little sprouts.  Amid the mindless singing to Daydream Frenzy (some local boys, one of whom acts as my resident taste tester/pillow-give them a listen!) I realised something: I used to hate brussels sprouts.  I don’t particularly like cabbage and, the few times I had them as a child, felt exactly the same about this mini blobs.  So how was it that I willingly bought them at my local Tesco, prepped them, and stuck them into the oven all without a second thought?

It was only in hindsight today that I understood I’d done something we should all do with former adversities or challenges: continue trying.  Granted, trying a vegetable again is much easier than some challenges we may face, but it’s still working in a positive pattern to further our lives.  I’m not entirely sure why I decided to try brussels sprouts again-maybe it was the 3 for 2 deal or my boredom with bell peppers-but I’m glad I did.  Making a habit of trying something we’ve previously written off is something I would highly encourage everybody to do!  Will it be successful?  Not always.  Case in point, I tried amazing fish & chips at a local chippy a few months back…and my body still hates seafood, apparently.

The point is, consistently making an effort-despite the setbacks and frustrations-can more often than not lead to great outcomes.  I’ve found a sense of accomplishment from what may be a trivial thing (a vegetable) and continue growing on multiple levels.  In this case it was a small diet change, but who knows what else it can lead to?  Take the leap and try something you may have written off or failed at in the past; you never know what you’ll discover when you do.



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