Photoset: the grounds of Glenfiddich

Final photos of this picturesque (get it?) place, I promise! Have a look at where some of Scotland’s most popular whisky is made, one of William Grant’s original buildings (now the restaurant and bar) and the car I’ll be rocking once I get my full UK license. Continue reading “Photoset: the grounds of Glenfiddich”


Photoset: a visual distillery tour

A photographic tour of Glenfiddich’s distillery (though some beautiful spaces, such as the warehouses, can’t be photographed).  If you like what you see the £10 tour fee is well worth the visit!  Or just have a spy at my previous post.  Photos are by me and Fraser, whose phone takes better pictures than mine… Continue reading “Photoset: a visual distillery tour”

Feel-good flapjacks

It’s no secret that I enjoy staying fit and generally try to lead a healthy lifestyle.  However, I’m also a big fan of balance rather than deprivation, and another poorly-kept secret is that my sweet tooth can get the best of me even on my strongest days.  One of my many sugar-laden weaknesses is flapjacks, or pancakes as they’re called in the UK.  Among other sweet breakfast foods (hello, french toast and coffee cake!) flapjacks are easily one of my favourite weekend breakfast/brunch treats.  So what’s a girl to do when she desperately wants a stack of that fluffy, buttery, sugary goodness but can’t afford to go into a glucose-induced stupor in the middle of the week? Continue reading “Feel-good flapjacks”