If it was easy…

Edit: happy Tuesday Motivation Monday, since for whatever reason this didn’t post yesterday.  Enjoy! 

Before I delve into my little uplifting Monday speech, I wanted to let you all know I’ll be somewhat off the grid (Instagram posts aside) until Saturday as my mom and her husband are visiting! Tomorrow I take the overnight train down to London-hopefully I can actually get to sleep-and meet up with them for a few days.  They’ve never travelled to London before so I’m absolutely buzzing to show them one of my favourite cities!  But seeing as it’s a family trip I won’t be bringing my laptop; if you want to follow along with some photos give me a follow on Instagram by clicking the logo to the right of this post.  Otherwise, I’ll see you all when I return!  And now back to our regularly scheduled programme.  If you’ve ever had a workout (or day) where you feel absolutely average, or even lower, you aren’t alone.  I had one of those days today, where I just felt slow.  I’m talking molasses in winter, sloth-speed slow.  It may have been from finishing two fairly demanding essays for my consumer behaviour course, or because I had a restless night, or just a standard case of the Mondays.  Whatever the case, my body was not having it and my workout was no exception.  I tend to focus on legs for my Monday lifting sessions because I look forward to punishing myself with jump squats and burpees and hang cleans and whatnot, but today was hard.   About halfway through I had to stop for a few minutes which is always discouraging when I’m simply maintaining weight and haven’t made my sets harder at all, and I was completely fed up with myself.  Then, something great happened.

It may have been the song blasting through my headphones, or feeling the sweat trickle down my temples, or the fact that somebody had a 5K shirt on.  Whatever the reason, words from my former cross-country coach suddenly came across my inner bullhorn and reminded me why I was in the gym.

“If it was easy, the whole school would be here.  They’d be bringing them in by the busloads.”

Coach Grim would shout these words, among other phrases, while we struggled through our fifth minute of abs and planks after finishing whatever intervals we’d had set out that day.  And while I alternated between days of loving and hating the Grim-isms as we came to call them, this one has always managed to stay with me and replay, like a favourite CD, right when I need it the most.  Today it helped me get through my workout but it can help us in so many more ways.

Life isn’t hard, living is.  Improving yourself and forging your path, sometimes just getting through another day at school or work or job hunting because you don’t have a job can feel damn near impossible.  And it’s alright to get frustrated, to want to throw in the towel.  But harness those feelings and channel them toward pushing yourself forward.  If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.  There wouldn’t be a sense of accomplishment as you finished your final set of push-ups or earned that promotion or barely completed an essay minutes before the deadline.  You finished it.  Embrace your accomplishments.

And in those moments of difficulty, sometimes even in moments of defeat (feel free to review a few Mondays back for my latest brush with failure), remember that what you’re pursuing, what you are throwing your energy behind, is not easy or ordinary.  As long as you keep on going-stopping to catch your breath if need be, we’re only human after all-you have achieved something.  That in itself is a beautiful source of pride if you embrace it and allow it to keep motivating you.




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