Photoset: a visual distillery tour

A photographic tour of Glenfiddich’s distillery (though some beautiful spaces, such as the warehouses, can’t be photographed).  If you like what you see the £10 tour fee is well worth the visit!  Or just have a spy at my previous post.  Photos are by me and Fraser, whose phone takes better pictures than mine…

glenfiddich signvisitor entrancemash tun 1Fraser and Margs mash tun
wort vatspot stills 1
Fraser and Margs stillsstag and sign

Bonus: The barrels pictured below are from Speyside Cooperage nearby. Glenfiddich has its own in-house cooperage that can’t be visited for safety reasons, but if your interest is piqued after seeing Glenfiddich’s warehouses you can take a 3-mile trip down the road and enjoy a tour of Speyside Cooperage!  No prices listed on their website but our Glenfiddich tour guide said it was pretty inexpensive, around £5 for a half-hour tour.

speyside cooperage


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