When fear threatens your heart

It’s been just over 48 hours since I finished my first (though definitely not my last) half-marathon and, while I’m still processing everything about the experience, I wanted to take a few days to reflect particularly on the importance of pursuing our goals and feeding our passions, even when our emotions or mentality want us to do the exact opposite. Continue reading “When fear threatens your heart”


Travelling on the cheap

Happy almost-Friday! In case your week hasn’t brought enough spoilers courtesy of Game of Thrones or whatever television show you’re currently hooked on, I’ve got another for you.  Are you ready for this?  It’s a pretty big one…

In less than 5 weeks I’ll be back stateside!  It’ll only be for a few weeks for weddings and family events and whatnot (and, let’s be honest, more puppy kisses from Louis than my heart can handle, I’m tearing up just thinking about it because goodness knows I’ve missed that bundle of love) but I’LL BE THERE!

So, what does this announcement have to do with budget-friendly travelling?  It’s no secret that I love discovering new places, and returning to favourite haunts time and again.  I also, of course, adore my family and have missed them dearly-Skype and FaceTime dates can only go so far.  That said, trans-continental trips can be expensive.  I’ve fawned over Pinterest-worthy vacations and dreamed up my travel bucket list, only to look at actual prices and cringe.  With all the temptation to find new adventure while saving at least a little money, what are you to do?  This is by no means an exhaustive guide, but I’ve put together a few of my tips for booking (and enjoying!) international travels without completely breaking the bank. Continue reading “Travelling on the cheap”

The brand new breakfast club

“Sometimes, I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast” ~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Continue reading “The brand new breakfast club”