Birthday madness and giving back

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but tomorrow I’m turning 24! I never imagined I’d be celebrating my 24th while living in Scotland, where it’s actually possible that I’ll get snow on my birthday (usually that’s reserved for my brother with his December birth as it should be) but hey, you won’t hear me complaining!

As excited as I am for my birthday, I’m also a little nervous.  My birthday marks two weeks and a few days until my first half marathon and with a lovely little shin splint giving me trouble I haven’t been training as much as I’d like.  Of course the elliptical, spin bikes, and rowing machines at the gym have been getting plenty of use and I know my endurance is where it needs to be for the race, but I’m still freaking myself out a little.  That said, I am determined to finish the Edinburgh half marathon, even if it’s slower than I’d hoped for, because I’m running this for a cause very near and dear to my heart.

When I was at University of Maryland my sorority teamed up with another on campus to start the Run for Love, a 5k benefitting the One Love Foundation.  This foundation raises awareness of relationship violence and was founded in honour of Yeardley Love, a fellow Theta who was killed by her ex-boyfriend six years ago.  Not a happy subject (understatement of the year), but you can find out more about the One Love Foundation on their website here.  Now, normally I wouldn’t use my blog as a fundraising platform-I prefer to keep my writings mostly focused on travel, life, and of course food-but as I said this issue hits pretty close to home for me.  So I decided to dedicate my first half marathon to Yeardley as a little personal continuation of the Run for Love here in the UK, and am hoping to fundraise for it as well.

If you have a read through what One Love is all about, or relationship violence awareness resonates particularly strongly with you, please consider donating to my Crowdrise page for the One Love Foundation.  Believe me, any amount helps, whether it’s a large donation or simply the cost of your afternoon coffee.  As a birthday bonus, I’m matching every donation made from now until tomorrow at midnight…kind of.  The whole graduate student with no job bit makes matching donations dollar for dollar a bit difficult, but I’ll be donating 24 cents for every dollar donated, on top of contributing a dollar for every minute over 2 hours come race day.  So friends, if you were planning on buying me a birthday drink, put that money £3 toward this foundation instead!  Fellow runners, let me know if you run for causes, and what they are!  And no matter who you are, consider sharing the One Love message.  You never know who it’ll reach.

On that note, I’m off to make a rainbow birthday cake in true Brinkley tradition.



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