“Adventure is out there”

It’s a bit early, but this post is a bit of a motivation Monday-travel Tuesday hybrid.  In an hour or so Fraser and I will be on the train down to London, where we’ll hopefully get a few hours’ sleep (not likely) and make our way to the airport for Fraser’s first trip to the USA!  Of course I’m excited to show him my hometown and see my family (and animals!) but I’m absolutely buzzing to be travelling with him as he experiences a travel first. Continue reading ““Adventure is out there””


Photoset: hidden garden

One of my favourite things about going to the University of Aberdeen is, admittedly, the fact that it feels like I’m stepping onto Hogwarts ground every day.  Some of the campus buildings, like King’s College, are fairly iconic and students love relaxing between classes on the quad within King’s College or between that building and New King’s.  While I too like these destinations for a quick break, I found a secret spot that is one of my favourite hideaways in the entire city.  I can’t tell you where it is of course, because that would ruin the fun, but I thought I’d share a few snapshots.  Anyone know where this lovely garden is on campus?? Continue reading “Photoset: hidden garden”

Always focus on how far you’ve come

All too often, we find ourselves immersed in routine; whether it’s with work, fitness, even our relationships.  We’re naturally creatures of habit and I’m sure many of us find comfort in our daily rituals-I for one never feel quite right if I haven’t started my day with hot water and lemon or a nice cup of tea.  And occasionally moments may arise that jolt us out of our routines, or we’re feeling particularly pensive that day and take some time to reflect on our journeys up to that point.  Anybody experience that?

Right, now how many of you have felt frustrated with what you felt was lack of progress?

Guilty as charged, right here.

For starters, our feelings are always valid.  You are 110% allowed to feel irritated, dissatisfied, any number of negative (or positive!) emotions.  But it’s also important to realise how far you have come, the good side, rather than dwell on where you haven’t quite gotten.

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