“Adventure is out there”

It’s a bit early, but this post is a bit of a motivation Monday-travel Tuesday hybrid.  In an hour or so Fraser and I will be on the train down to London, where we’ll hopefully get a few hours’ sleep (not likely) and make our way to the airport for Fraser’s first trip to the USA!  Of course I’m excited to show him my hometown and see my family (and animals!) but I’m absolutely buzzing to be travelling with him as he experiences a travel first.

As we packed for our trip and I convinced Fraser he didn’t need three pairs of jeans (seriously, it’s 27-31 degrees celsius back home and 14 in Scotland…we’ll be hot enough as is!) I kept thinking back to my first trip across the pond.  It was just after high school graduation and I was going on a tour of France and Spain with my school’s travel club.  I.  Was.  Thrilled.  If anybody has seen the film Up, you’ll remember the lovely scene at the start where Ellie marvels at her adventure book,  then leaps out the window to “adventure is out there!” you’ll understand my enthusiasm.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.50.07

I’ve always looked forward to my travels, especially when it’s to a new city or country, but part of me inevitably dreads the return flight.  And don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait to see my family and friends-it’ll be so nice to actually hug them instead of conversing through a screen-but they’re usually the only reason I look forward to coming back…well, them and snuggling with my now-overweight dog and cat!  They’ll be going on plenty of runs in these coming weeks…or the dog will, anyway.

Usually once I’ve unpacked and looked through whatever photos I took of my time away from home, I’m ready to book my next trip.  This time though, seeing how excited Fraser is, I was reminded that what I consider familiar is still a huge adventure for plenty of others.  It’s inspired me to have a new outlook on my hometown and the States as a whole; after all, it may well have changed plenty in the 10 months I’ve been gone!  It’s challenging to embrace returning from new and exciting adventures for fear of boredom and the mundane, but sometimes we forget just how refreshing and comforting that familiarity can be.  If you’re anything like me, I’d encourage you to think about one or two things you’ll look forward to after returning from your travels-be it a week long holiday or a few years abroad-I guarantee you’ll find something!

Not only will it be Fraser’s first time over, it’ll be the first time either of us have gone to Nashville, Tennessee.  His grandfather sang in a bar in the city when he visited years ago, and it’s always been a dream of mine to visit-the closest I’ve come is a small town we stopped in on our way to vacation once-so it’s going to be a great few days for the both of us.  On that note, if anybody has recommendations for can’t-miss experiences we can do in two days, message me!  We haven’t planned much aside from visiting the bar and a museum or two, so we’re pretty flexible.

I’ve got to wrap this up, because we’re heading to the train station in just a few minutes and I need to triple-check that I’ve got our passports!  I’ll be back with a post on how to keep up with fitness while travelling later this week, so if that strikes your fancy click the subscribe button to your right and you’ll get an email when that’s out!  Now if you’ll excuse us…

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.29.44.png



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