Photoset: Downtown Nashville

Bridgestone Arena daytime.jpg

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Choices > Abilities

I’m back, and hoping you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!  With another Monday nearly behind us (or completely, depending which time zone you’re in) it’s time to refocus and set some intentions for the week.  This morning I took a good half hour to relax with my standard cuppa, pull out my diary (or day planner-whichever you prefer), and plan most everything I want to complete; from workouts to meetings and dissertation progress, down to new recipes I hope to try. Continue reading “Choices > Abilities”

Music City, U.S.A.

I’m not sure if I’m re-telling this story to you all, and apologies if I am, but I just love the randomness and serendipity of it.  My trip to the States was initially set for after my dissertation was handed in, preferably between then and starting my new job (which I have yet to find).  However, around the holidays I found out one of my oldest friends was engaged, and received a save-the-date for July!  I knew I couldn’t miss her wedding, especially considering we’d fantasised about our big days together from the time we were nine, so I asked Fraser if he fancied coming with me to 1. be my date for Steph and Mike’s big day 2. meet the family (all at once) and 3. visit America for the first time, complete with July 4th celebration…though not necessarily in that order.  His response was, no lie, “yeah that sounds great.  Any chance we can go to Nashville while we’re there?”

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