Thank yourself

Hello everybody!  I hope your past few weeks have treated you well; between moving flats and pursuing an exciting new business venture I’ve been plenty busy and motivated.  I don’t always feel that way, though, which is perfectly normal.  When you feel stuck in a rut, in any aspect of your life, it can be difficult to find the inspiration needed to push forward.  While routine can be comfortable in its familiarity, it can also leech the motivation to change or improve from us.  If you’ve been feeling this way lately, I encourage you to look towards where you want to be in the future.  How do you envision your future self?  I try checking into how I’ve made progress toward improvements and goals once a week, a bit less often for larger goals or ones dependent on smaller achievements (it’s much more rewarding to see a ten second improvement on average mile time during long runs than to ruminate over the fact that I’m still a few minutes from my overall goal time!).  Keeping track of goals and the achievements you’ve made towards them is hugely encouraging when it feels like you haven’t made as much progress as you might like.  Being able to look at our accomplishments, written on paper or saved into a note on our smartphone, can help combat the sense that we haven’t done what we want to yet.

Once you’ve looked at a written (or doodled, or painted, whatever medium suits you!) measure of what you’ve achieved and the progress you’ve yet to make, chances are you’ll find it easier to identify what you need to do to continue progressing.  I tend to make separate lists of these, or branch them off the goals I’ve already met, so I’m easily reminded of how they tie into my longer term goals.  When you’re already frustrated at what seems like a lack of progress, having a visual reminder of any kind is immensely helpful.  Tape a list of goals with achievements checked off to your bathroom mirror, next to your bedroom door, on the inside of your laptop…well, maybe use a virtual post-it for that one, but you get the idea.  Visualising your future self is key to transforming goals into actions, so the more often you see where you want to be, the better!

Finally, take action to reach those little goals.  It sounds obvious, but let’s be real: we’ve all been guilty of being so frustrated or paralysed with the amount we have to do that we just avoid the to-do list sometimes.  Maybe we make excuses, like we don’t have time for a workout, or we’re too tired to walk to the grocery store, or we don’t want to play that one song we know on the piano anymore.  Life can get in the way sometimes, no doubt about that, and it’s perfectly fine to give yourself a break in that case!  But if you find yourself making excuse after excuse, or spending hours a day on social media and not making progress toward your future self, take a step back and think about where you can make a change.  There’s this beautiful print by Pretty Chic San Francisco on Etsy that I would order and hang up in a heartbeat, but sadly she doesn’t ship over to the UK just yet!  Anyway, I’ve posted a copy of it below:

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 18.49.13.png

So enjoy life and find that perfect balance, but don’t forget to do your best to complete at least one thing daily that will help you become your best future self.  If you don’t challenge yourself you won’t change, and where’s the fun in that?



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