Perfect pumpkin bread


One thing I genuinely miss about autumn in America is the presence of pumpkins everywhere.  Pumpkin patches, picking pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, carving them…and of course pumpkin bread and pie!  Oddly enough I’m not that big a fan of pumpkin spiced lattes—one or two sips is plenty for me, otherwise it’s far too sugary.  But in Scotland, there aren’t really pumpkin patches to visit.  You can buy pumpkins (or turnips!) from supermarkets to carve, but it just doesn’t have that same charm as competing with your friends or significant others to find the best carving pumpkin!  So I did what any normal person would do, and ordered a large parcel three tins of pumpkin purée to satisfy my hankering to bake pumpkin everything.

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Chilly weather? Chili weather!

Happy Thursday everybody!  With the winter months officially closing in on us (I’ve reluctantly broken out my heavy coats and scarves, and am mourning the loss of the sun after 5 pm now) comfort food season has also arrived.  Soups, stews, hearty dishes to keep your body and heart warm while it snows rains non-stop…we’re also in the middle of American football season (PS dear Baltimore Ravens, please stop breaking my heart I can’t take it anymore), and while thinking up an easy and cosy meal for last night I was inspired by my mom’s go-to NFL watching recipe: turkey chili.  Continue reading “Chilly weather? Chili weather!”

Malmaison Aberdeen

With our trip to the states in less than two(!) weeks, Fraser and I have been making a big effort to spend less.  After all, even taking my budget travelling tips into account, a three-week holiday to the States and London puts a dent into your wallet (especially when one of us is a student without a job…sorry Fraser).  That said, sometimes you just have to treat yourself.  So, for my birthday Fraser and I went to Malmaison in Aberdeen…and it was definitely a treat! Continue reading “Malmaison Aberdeen”