When you’re missing home

Happy Halloween everybody!  In the spirit of today I wanted to talk about something that seems to make people a bit scared nervous about travelling too often: homesickness.  While travelling to new places, or revisiting old haunts, can be an incredible experience in so many ways, even the most avid travellers can feel an aching in their soul after a while.  It’s entirely possible that “home” isn’t a place, but a feeling, for some people; for others, “home” has coordinates that can be plotted and pinned on a map.   Continue reading “When you’re missing home”


Thank yourself

Hello everybody!  I hope your past few weeks have treated you well; between moving flats and pursuing an exciting new business venture I’ve been plenty busy and motivated.  I don’t always feel that way, though, which is perfectly normal.   Continue reading “Thank yourself”

“Storms make trees take deeper roots”

Hey hey, I’m back with another few paragraphs to get you all in gear for this week!  I normally try to stay fairly upbeat on here, especially on Monday since the whole idea is to share a little something to keep our motivation up after the weekend, but this week might be a bit deeper than we’re used to.  Continue reading ““Storms make trees take deeper roots””