Perfect pumpkin bread

One thing I genuinely miss about autumn in America is the presence of pumpkins everywhere.  Pumpkin patches, picking pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, carving them…and of course pumpkin bread and pie!  Oddly enough I’m not that big a fan of pumpkin spiced lattes—one or two sips is plenty for me, otherwise the sugar is too cloying.  But in Scotland, there aren’t really pumpkin patches to visit.  You can buy pumpkins from supermarkets to carve, but it just doesn’t have that same charm as competing with your friends or significant others to find the best carving pumpkin!  So I did what any normal person would do, and ordered a large parcel three tins of pumpkin purée to satisfy my hankering to bake pumpkin everything. Continue reading


Sunshine state of mind

The days are quickly shortening here in Scotland, especially now that we’ve set our clocks back for the winter.  In other words, it’s definitely hibernation time.  I struggled to figure out how to work our trip to Florida into a blog post, as we didn’t visit many traditionally “touristy” areas-and, as much as my mom loves people, I don’t think she’d appreciate me telling everybody to go visit her!  That said, with the impending wintery darkness and cold upon us, I decided a visual trip back to the Sunshine State was in order. Continue reading